The “Declaration on a New American Future”

The “Declaration on a New American Future” Challenges Abortion as a “Population Solution”  In 1969, President Richard Nixon formally requested the formation of a commission to study the effects of population growth on the United States. Here was the reasoning he gave at the time:  “One of the most serious challenges to human destiny in … More The “Declaration on a New American Future”

What Are Women For?

Our culture has long struggled with the realities of sexual difference, or “gender.” While first- and second-wave feminism generally asserted that women were equal in value to men, transgenderism now asserts that women are interchangeable with men. Notice the underlying assumption:  in order for men and women to have equal value, they have to be the … More What Are Women For?

What Is a Woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Radical Monogamy

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sat before the Senate this week and boldly stated that she does not know what a woman is because she’s not a biologist. Her statement says a lot, not necessarily about the judge, as John points out, but more about how we view the judiciary in this cultural moment.   John and … More What Is a Woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Radical Monogamy

Life Is Everywhere 

In his book Life With a Capital L, author Matt Heard (also a speaker at this year’s Wilberforce Weekend) describes a famous oil painting by Russian artist Nikolai Yaroshenko:   “Five diverse prisoners—a soldier, a worker, a peasant, a mother and a child—are huddled together, peering through the barred window of a halted prison railcar… READ MORE > … More Life Is Everywhere 

What Church is Really Like

Many Christians, rightly concerned about protecting the Church’s witness in front of the wider world, have embraced claims about the church that simply are not true. Last week, Pastor Josh Howerton of Lakepointe Church in Dallas shared a fascinating Twitter thread demonstrating that when it comes to the Church’s reputation, perception is not always reality… READ MORE @ … More What Church is Really Like

Protecting the Victims of Bad Ideas

In Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, President Joe Biden told young people with gender dysphoria that he will “always have (their) back.” Though he didn’t specify what exactly that means, presumably it had something to do with extending Title IX protections to include allowing men full access to women’s facilities and sports; extending mandatory insurance coverage for “gender … More Protecting the Victims of Bad Ideas