Learn the meaning of the Constitution and the principles of American government in this new version of Hillsdale’s most popular course. The United States Constitution was designed to secure the natural rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. Signed by Constitutional Convention delegates on September 17, 1787—Constitution Day—it was ratified by the American people and … More CONSTITUION 101


Today September 17th marks the day, 234 years ago the founders of the US signed the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is, regardless of what many want to think, the Highest Law of the land. It says that any “government” official that claims policy, rule, or law contrary to it is illegal. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood … More CONSTITUTION DAY

What Unites Americans?

Americans come from every corner of the globe. We represent every race, every ethnicity, and every religion. So what brings us all together? Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana, answers this key question.  Click here to watch.

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

With all the “hate” for America being spewed from the likes of Antifa, the so called ‘woke folks’ and many on the far left I often wonder what keeps them from just leaving; do they need help packing?  America may have it’s issues but they care far fewer than most countries. If we could get … More Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’