Pray for the Persecuted Church

Remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily Hebrews 13:3 (CSB)

Acordaos de los presos, como si estuvierais presos juntamente con ellos; y de los maltratados, como que también vosotros mismos estáis en el cuerpo RVR 1960

International Day of Prayer for persecuted Christians

This year’s International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP), Sunday, Nov. 1, is fast approaching. Be among the first to watch The Voice of the Martyrs’ new IDOP video, Janette: Central African Republic.

Free IDOP Resources

The Voice of the Martyrs

Front-line workers in Vietnam

They Go Where We Can’t

Bao and Chi, a husband-and-wife team, work on the front lines of Christian ministry in Vietnam, training and discipling believers from 10 different tribes.

Authorities have arrested them numerous times, trying to end their ministry work in Vietnam’s rural areas. But each time they are released from jail, Bao and Chi get on their motorbikes and return to their work.

Bao and Chi are two of the more than 40,000 front-line workers The Voice of the Martyrs serves as they risk everything to share the gospel. We invite you to help equip these workers with the tools they need to advance God’s kingdom in restricted nations and hostile areas.

Support Front-Line Workers Today

Men driving motorbikes

Your support for those advancing God’s kingdom on the world’s most difficult and dangerous mission fields equips faithful workers with tools like these:

  • motorbikes that help evangelists increase their ministry outreach from one or two villages to 10 or more
  • outreach tools like DVDs, digital memory cards and solar-powered projectors to help Christian workers reach more people with the gospel in hostile areas and restricted nations
  • Retreats for pastors that provide training and encouragement as well as fellowship with others risking their lives to spread the gospel

When pastors, evangelists and other front-line workers receive these ministry tools, they are reminded that they are part of God’s global family and that they are not serving alone.

For Stories on the Persecuted Church Please Go to: icommitTOPRAY 

Barnabas Fund

Christian Newsline

News updates on the persecuted Church

The following stories and more can regularly be found updated

Chinese Communist Party rewrites Gospel story to depict Jesus Christ as “killer and sinner

China’s extreme surveillance, forced sterilization of non-atheists in camps “much worse” than Soviet gulags

Chinese Christian leader calls for prayer as surveillance pressure on Christians escalates

Indian Christians in “fear and shock” after extremists warn leave faith or die

Indian Christians beaten, humiliated, forced to chant Hindu affirmation in Jharkhand

Indian government freezes bank accounts forcing human rights charity to halt work

Pakistani Christian acquitted of “blasphemy” after six years on death row

Indonesia’s ban on Bible app contradicts religious tolerance philosophy of Pancasila

Prayer Focus Update October 2020


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