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Tuesday 18th 

 WATCH: Mike Bloomberg: Elderly Cancer Patients Should be Denied Treatment to Cut Costs
 Abortionist: “It Makes My Day” When I Get to Kill Another Baby in an Abortion
 Not One Democrat Running for President Supports the Bill to End Infanticide
 Judge Blocks President Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Monday 17th 

 Pete Buttigieg Celebrates Woman Killing Her Baby in an Abortion. Her Story “Lifts Us Up”
 Mike Bloomberg Told Pregnant Employee to Get Rid of Her Baby in an Abortion: Just “Kill It”
 President Trump Has Established More Pro-Life Policies Than Any Previous President
 Pete Buttigieg Says He Won’t Be “Lectured On Family Values,” But He Thinks the Bible Supports Abortion

More Pro-Life News

Tuesday 18th 

 Born Crying After Late-Term Abortion, Disabled Baby Boy Dies an Hour Later in His Mother’s Arms
 Whoopi Goldberg: I Can’t Get Mad at Democrats’ Sexism Until Trump Apologizes
 Ted Cruz Slams Pro-Abortion Legislator’s Bill Forcing Men to Get Vasectomies
 WATCH: Woman Entering Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Brags “I’m Going to Kill the Baby”
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Monday 17th 

 Baptist Minister: Killing Babies in Abortion Should be a “Religious Right”
 She Worked for a Late-Term Abortionist, But God Changed Her Heart and Now She’s Pro-Life
 Pete Buttigieg Says Americans Should be Forced to Fund Killing Babies in Abortion
 Richard Dawkins Defends Eugenics: Could Easily be Used to “Breed Humans”

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