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Sep 9th– 23rd 2012


 They got the job; Ashley G. finally has her first teaching job after many months of prayer and Iva F. was able to take over Ashley’s old job. God gave us a twoferJ

Mike and Naida: our local church voted to support us financially in our endeavor to work in Lakeshore, MS, one hurdle down one other big one (sell house) to go. There was a realtor’s open house this past Thursday and our realtor seems encouraged by the outcome. Please keep this in prayer.

Today in church we had a guest speaker from Moldova. He shared about Camp Larga, a Christ centered youth (age 8-15) summer camp for children of the region. It was a true blessing to hear of the work there and to partner with them in prayer. Find out more at or on Facebook at


 Knijinski Mathonican asks for prayer for her husband Kelvin D’Andre Lewis an inmate in Beaumont Texas

Evangelist Bill Ecklesea asks for prayer for his ministry.

Please pray for:

Our President, and legislature, the courts that they would seek God’s divine guidance

Christians to not be ashamed and get busy doing God’s work

God’s continuing providence for America as we are in a period of moral and ethical decay that is unprecedented in modern times

Pray for our Armed Forces everywhere

Our youth especially those in public schools that they      walk in the light of the Lord and have his angels guarding them.

Salvation for lost family, friends and those who oppose us

Samaritan’s Purse and their Shoe Box Ministry that this would be a banner year.

Prison Fellowship and their Angel tree Ministry, last year some 143 families in Western MA alone were not able to be helped by Angel Tree. Pray for more churches and ministries to pick up the cause.

For Dave F., and his health and work issues, the two may be related.

Also pray for his and Fran’s food truck business to get started.

That Tim and his wife from Dave’s work would accept the invite to attend church.

For Marie F., that work situation would improve or God would lead her to another job.

For Kathy D. our church secretary and worship team member who starts Chemo Sep 21st. also pray for her friend’s relationship with an inmate. May God be glorified in it all.

For Julia, whose husband has been incarcerated for 18 years and with another 18 or so to go, that God would give her strength to endure. Also that God would show her husband what he wants of him while in this current facility.

From our friends at ACLJ: (lengthy intro but needed)

I’ve got a great idea for a screenplay. Hollywood should love it, and it’s even based on a true story.

A lone research professor discovers that powerful interests are manipulating science to foist upon the people of a state a series of unjust regulations. But that’s not all. As he digs down into the data, he discovers corruption and misconduct. The state’s lead “scientist” turns out to have a fake degree, purchased from a fictitious “Thornhill University.” Moreover, key members of the state’s “scientific review panel” have overstayed term limits by decades. The professor blows the whistle, the scientist with the fake degree is suspended, the scientific review panel dislodges its entrenched members (at least temporarily), and the state begins to rethink its long-held assumptions.

Such a brave dissenter, a man unafraid to “speak truth to power” has no doubt been showered with academic awards, right? This is why professors work to protect academic freedom, isn’t it? The Left loves science, so this man must be an academic hero.

Not so fast. If the science the professor challenges is junk science engineered to justify draconian emissions regulations in California, and if the wrongly entrenched scientists include radicals like a former member of the infamous “Chicago Seven,” then dissent is not quite so patriotic, and “power” is not quite so enamored with truth. Instead, this professor was terminated, his funding looted so that he was forced to work a year without pay as he appealed his termination, and he was denied even the ability to fully defend himself in his own appeals.

And at the end of the day, the “scientist” with the fake degree kept his job while the scientist who exposed fraud lost his.

FIRE, Reason, and many others have highlighted the professor’s plight, and late yesterday my colleagues and I at the ACLJ filed suit against officials from UCLA on behalf of Dr. James E. Enstrom, a research professor who blew the whistle on junk science, exposed very real scientific misconduct, and was fired for his trouble. Given the ideological monoculture of academia, I’ve long been amused by the Left’s claims of a Republican “war on science.” (Must everything be a “war”?) Does the academic Left really believe that groupthink breeds the kind of intellectual independence and fearlessness that the great scientists possessed?

We know the answer to that question, and so does Dr. Enstrom. Fortunately, however, the First Amendment still protects the right of academic dissent, and we will soon see if UCLA’s actions can withstand the scrutiny of federal court. Please keep this fight in prayer.

 Fellow Ministries
Jimmy Huff Ministries,
530 East 4th St
Colorado City, TX  79512

 Chaplain Huff continues his work serving God and inmates around the country. He does this subsiding only upon Social Security and your contributions. Your prays and donations are most welcome.

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for the Colorado PFM Vision luncheon being hosted in Denver on September 6 for those interested in prison ministry. Pray that many will respond to God’s call for more committed volunteers and supporters.

for the in-prison team at the Stateville Minimum Security Unit in Illinois to effectively facilitate the Winning the Victory Life Plan seminars. Pray for an increase in the number of men attending, and for favor and cooperation with officers.

for God to draw men to Saturday’s kickoff presentation at the Pontiac Medium Security Unit in Illinois to learn about the Transformed Life pre-release program. May God speak hope to the men through the volunteers’ presentations – ask for many to respond to this opportunity.

that pastors and ministry leaders make ministry to Angel Tree children and their families a high priority this Christmas and throughout 2013.

for God’s equipping of all TUMI participants in our seminary-level ministry training curriculum to become key spiritual leaders to the Church inside the walls.

  These juveniles still need hearts to serve and pray for them.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Our nation has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. My heart breaks when I receive letters from the youngest inmates who cry out for help from behind bars. These teenagers are desperate for a word of encouragement and a glimmer of hope.

For many, their future is bleak… these kids have fallen into the dangerous cycle of crime. They need a light in the darkness now more than ever.

Through your intercession, God can give hope to the most hopeless—and youngest—offenders.

Sign up for the Prison Fellowship Prayer Team today and pray for the girls and boys behind bars!

When you join the Prison Fellowship Prayer Team, you become a part of a community of believers who commit to lifting up prisoners, their families, and our nation’s leaders in prayer once a week.

Prisons Mission Society” Pakistan:  cordially invites you to participate in the Training Conference with the theme “Restoration” going to be held at Murree, Pakistan, held in September 18th to 21st 2012.

Prisons Mission Society is a Humanitarian Welfare and Social Organization. It started its function in 1999 as a charitable organization and officially registered to create a better world for prisoners to promote the education skills of prisoner’s as well as moral turpitude and to equip them to face their future upon their release. Increasing numbers of peoples in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. These peoples are not given the rights of survival, protection, development and participation.

Ok you probably cannot attend but you can pray for these folks. For more information see!/maurice.shahbaz

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 Very often, children of prisoners suffer the impact of their parents’ imprisonment; they pay daily for the price of their parents ‘prison term. Someone said that the children serve 6 times their parents ‘term in prison. Their parents only suffer denial of their liberty and other pains that go with it. A man in Uganda’s prison is assured of at least one meal a day, but his/her child is not sure whether he/she will get what to eat; many times the children have to work for the food. But the question will always be, what crime did they commit?

This week we have received 20 new children of the 45 that we traced recently, one of the new girls Juliet 10 years, was defiled when she was eight years by her uncle, and the family members decided to conceal the matter and she was told never to tell anyone.

Juliet’s mother and father are in prison serving a 15 year jail term, we were told that Juliet’s dad is a witch doctor hailing from Luwero, one day a child got lost on the village and was found after three days later in his shrine in a malnourished state, its alleged that he intended to sacrifice this child to appease his gods. As a result he was arrested together with his wife the mother of Juliet, by then Juliet was 4 years old.

Juliet has seven siblings, until yesterday, she was the only one left in school, however, as of now we have also taken on her brother Julius 6 years who has never been in school. One of their Sisters called Fiona 14 years was defiled and impregnated two years ago, as a result she dropped out of school, she was in primary five, and she gave birth to a baby boy Jesse 1 year old now. All these children to include Ronald 11 years who dropped out of school and Jesse the baby have been under the care of their grandmother a peasant. The where about of their other 3 siblings is still unknown.

This is just one of the many stories that show how children pay the price, Juliet asked my wife if they will be having porridge at Wells of Hope Academy, and Ellen assured her that they will have all meals. She narrated that last year and this year she would go without meals at school, because their grandmother could not afford to pay for porridge at school. She would go to school in the morning at 7.30 am and rush home at 5.00pm 2 miles away that is when she would have something to eat; her grandmother would have kept food for her which was cold in most cases.

When she was not at school, she would go digging with the grandmother, fetch firewood from the neighboring bush, and collect water from the well which is at a distance. She also had a role to wash her clothes and the ones of her brother Julius; she would also bathe Julius every day.

When I hear these stories from our children, I cannot believe they are happening here in Uganda, yet over the years we have seen that there very many children like Juliet. It’s sad that many times, these children, invisible in our community are looked on, and nothing is done as they get a punishment for no crime.

We request that you join hands with us and make a difference in the lives of these children. We need funds to complete their school and to run the school; any size of gift can make a huge difference.

Francis Ssuubi

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:

 T F O N Z       Newsletter,  1st September,  2012
True Freedom Outreach New Zealand bringing help and hope to inmates of Kanater Prison linked with Maadi Community Church and the international visiting team in Cairo, Egypt, led by Poncet Ouwo Mete.

Hebrews 13:6  “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering”.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have chosen the above verse because of very distressing news just received from Kanater.  As I read my emails this week I learned that both Yusuf Okechukwu and  Ganiyu Isola Sule have elected to go on a hunger strike – an indication of the despair they feel at their situation.  Moreover, although Tina Geraldine’s release papers were in order, it seems she is still held in the Maadi Police Station, while authorities refuse to allow her to leave Egypt because of her unpaid LE100,000 fine. Please pray for all of the prisoners and these three in particular.

For more information on this ministry or for a list of inmates to write to contact: Miss Jeanette Grimmer, 154 State Highway 1,  RD 1, Warkworth 0981, New Zealand. Jeanette’s e-mail is:

Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore, Mississippi;
 Mailing address:
Lakeshore Baptist Church
Po Box 293
Lakeshore MS 39558

 Street address:

Lakeshore Baptist Church
6028 Lakeshore Road
Bay St. Louis MS 39520
(Google map)  and

They have for over 7 years been on the forefront of the rebuilding of Hancock County MS after hurricane Katrina. Their needs are still great.


 Pray for the Youth Retreat at Albany Baptist Church

 Pray for the ongoing issues with local open and affirming churches that 1St Church of Hixville Reformed Baptist are dealing with.

 Greetings from your brethren at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Ontario, CAL

We thank the Lord for our Association.  We read your prayer letters and pray for the various churches each week.  Our two elders are marking a few personal milestones.  In May, Pastor Jeff graduated from Westminster Seminary California and IRBS!  In October Pastor Steve will celebrate his 30th year in the eldership, all at SGBC.  Also, some of you have been praying for Pastor Jeff’s a-fib heart condition.  We are glad to say a recent medical procedure has given him much relief, which we pray will continue.

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