Mid-Week Prayer

FSM/FSMWO Mid-week Prayer Updates

19 Aug 2012

 Baby Emilee Grace On Monday, the doctors decided it was not Herpes causing the seizures as they originally thought, though they still do not know what’s wrong with her. She is still having internal seizures and until those stop they cannot do an MRI. Then we received an update that as of Mon night she has been seizure free, yet they still need to find out the cause of the seizures, so she is not completely out of the woods.

 Please continue prayer for healing mercies Kathy D. (Breast Cancer) Helen S. (Stroke) Rich B. (Post-Surgery paralyzed) Naida’s dad (Multiple Health Issues)

 Please prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters undergoing persecution around the world. Especially for those in Kenya, who have experienced an increase of attacks on local churches recently.

 From Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Camp Hill, PA, a church plant of Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle. We are conscious of the Lord’s blessing thus far on this small work and trust He will continue to add new attendees as we seek to serve Him faithfully. As with any small group, there are challenges and the opposition of the evil one, so we covet your prayers as we move forward toward constituting as a church in October. We are grateful to the people in Carlisle whose vision, support and prayers have been so instrumental in this new endeavor. It is our hope that God will raise up for us a faithful minister of His word in the coming months to pastor this new work. Please join us in praying for wisdom and grace as we look to the Great Shepherd of the church to provide us with such a man.

 From Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Kirkland, Washington We covet your prayers not only for the regular ministry of the church, but also for some of our members who are facing particular hardship. In the Lord’s good, wise, and often mysterious providence, several of our members are suffering through various physical ailments and illnesses. A dear woman has undergone surgery for breast cancer, and is experiencing the difficulties associated with her chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Another family is struggling through some of the hardships associated with owning a small business in our current economic climate. Many others face the ordinary trials of life, including the great spiritual trials that result from our ongoing confrontation with the world, the flesh, and the devil. Brethren, join us as we pray that God, out of the abundance of his goodness and love, would bless the Word, sacraments, and prayer, so that in and through these dark and difficult providences we might be further conformed to the image of Christ.  

 The Robinson’s Bluegrass Sing and Jam Pray for Terry D. who needs prayer for bladder and prostate cancer and for his continued growth in faith. We heard that our friend Nonie Hale from Florida is having open heart surgery. Please pray for her recovery. We want to put in a praise report about the twins born to Jenny & Jared Dolly. Jenny is the daughter of Greg & Sandy Cormier who promote the Blistered Finger’s Bluegrass Festivals. Jenny just gave birth to little Abigail & Liam and from the pictures on Face Book, they are ADORABLE! Keep them both in prayer as well as Jen and Jared as they get used to the rigors of parenting newborn twins!

 Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson


 Wells of Hope Village, Uganda During the last two weeks I have been travelling in different parts of Uganda, tracing children of prisoners, one thing that I have observed is that children in Uganda ,even those whose parents are not in prison, are in a great un describable crisis, and if nothing is done, the future of this country is bleak, raising up a generation that has been dented by poverty , and disease. With 50% of Uganda’s population being children, we have an uphill task to make the future bright for this nation.


Together with my team here we have visited a total of 33 families with 55 children with a parent in prison in the last two months, tracing children of prisoners . 21 families we visited, the parent in prison had murdered his or her spouse leaving the children parentless.

In Kasese,i met a young boy Brian 5 years who was knocked down by a Boda Boda (Moto cycle),the thigh bone broke into two and the leg is rotting, he needs urgent medical help. His father is serving a long term in prison, and he has never seen him.

In Mbarara I met with a woman, a mother of two girls who for the last seven years thought her husband had simply got lost, she cried when she learnt that the husband is in prison on deathrow, and I counseled her,it was a blessing for me to offer support, she was smiling with her daughter when I left.


Then in another village in Isingiro, i met a three children, they thought their father was dead, the whole village celebrated when they learnt that the father of these kids is alive,one man said that their hearts were out of their position, my visit has put their hearts back in the right place.

In another village, a grandmother looking after 3 children whose father is in prison was happy to know that her son in prison was alive, they were happy.

We hope to support all these kids at Wells of hope Academy, a school for prisoner’s children.

It was a very expensive and tiring journey moving through hard to reach terrain areas, mountainous, and hilly, rough roads, dusty roads, looking for families, I sat on Boda(motorcycle) for miles, the body pained, got headache and i was bathed in dust, I even caught a cough. But its a blessing..

 I am requesting, you to be part of this, together we can turn the tide of a child of prisoner, sincerely you will be blessed. Currently we are in dire need of help to maintain these children at Well of Hope. Please help us, help the children. These children cannot ask, that is why I am asking on their behalf.

 God bless you.

Francis Ssuubi




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